Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Arts Marketing Survey

The Cultural Alliance is undertaking a HUGE project to benefit the York Community and its cultural assests. Surale Phillips, one of the leading cultural research consultants in the country, will conduct a collaborative audience development initiative beginning September, 2007. She will help us answer these questions, and more:

· How many households in the York County region are interested in arts and cultural events and programs?
· How often do they participate in the arts and where do they go?
· How broad is our market for York County arts and culture?
· How many of the truly interested households is your organization reaching?
· How many are we reaching together as members of the Cultural Alliance?
· What are the characteristics of our audiences and the potential audiences we don’t yet know?

Surale is an inredible researcher who has been working with cultural communities for more than 15 years and came highly recommended. In addition to Cultural Alliance members, other community partners include York College and Penn State Performing Arts Center.

We hope you will stay posted as we use this blog to relay information about the survey.