Tuesday, November 19, 2013

How stARTSomething Invests Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) Gifts To Transform Our Schools-BIG and SMALL.
As we near the end end of year, your company may be looking for options to donate their Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) gifts. I wanted to share with you how those gifts enable stARTsomething Arts In Education to transform our schools through artist residencies.


Talented multi-media artist Justin Ayala and the supportive staff at West York High School came together in a 65-day artist residency to create a mobile mosaic mural embedded with technology-the first of its kind.  Almost 1,000 students and 90 faculty members used content from 14 classroom disciplines and 16 different art forms to design, construct and execute the mobile mosaics and the digital content.


Andrew Steed, gifted storyteller and teaching artist, joined the Central York High School student journalist team for a 10-day residency. The student writers were stuck, rigid, in their approach to  newswriting.

As Andrew led them through highly untraditional exercises, the students brainstormed new strategies to make the formerly “ho hum” school paper into a more interactive platform.  Students abandoned their traditional news gathering techniques and experimented with new ways of thinking/ writing.  After ten days, the paper added several new sections and the students reported new attitudes. “He was inspirational. He put a positive twist on everything—even some of our concerns,” said senior Prowler editor, Kayla Smith. “He helped us open our minds—not just with the newspaper, but with life in general,” said public relations editor Jordan Nittinger. 

EITC gifts enable us to make this difference in students’ lives – whether they are BIG or SMALL. Please donate your end of year EITC gifts to the Cultural Alliance of York County and its stARTsomething Arts In Education program!