Monday, November 21, 2011

Campaign 2012 - CREATE COMMUNITY

It's that time again. The Cultural Alliance is gearing up for its 13th annual campaign headed by John Klinedinst with Anne Zerbe and Jerry Watson. We are so excited to head into this campaign year though we know it will be tough. This year, besides supporting our partners, we now have developed the Creative Impact Awards which funds creative activities throughout York County.

The Creative Impact Awards came directly from the Community Cultural Plan. The York Community asked us to fund more throughout York county and we did just that. The deadline for the Pilot year of the Awards was November 14, 2011 and we received 13 applications requesting twice what we had to distribute. So if we can increase the campaign numbers, we can increase the amount to be distributed.

Please help us! We need volunteers and that means you. Call Mary Anne if you want to help grow our creative community.