Monday, January 7, 2013

Create Community

While I am excited to announce our 14th annual campaign "Create Community" I am even more excited that Joe Crosswhite and George Hodges are chairing it.  Their enthusiasm and strategies have energized us AGAIN.

We have a public community celebration on January 15 at 6:00PM at the Strand.  Our partners will be there and our Creative Impact Award winners from last year and this year (hint hint we will announce them from the stage).  It will be a true celebration of how far we have come in 14 years.  Not only are we still raising money and in-kind services for our partners, but we've expanded to designing the Creative Impact Awards that serves any artist, arts organization, or non-arts organization with a creative project throughout York County.  We funded projects all over York including the Hanover Lancers and New Freedom Heritage.  What a thrill for us to be able to fund in all corners of the county.

We are also an official partner with the Pa Council on the Art - that means we help grant state funds in four counties - York, Adams, Franklin, and Fulton counties.  We are also the Pa Council on the Arts' Arts in Education partner funding artists' residencies in the same 4 counties.  Gayle Cluck manages that program and has been recognized by the state for her distinct and effective residencies.

So - here we go - and it is not a "oh, here we go, ugh" it is a true "HERE WE GO".  Come to our celebration of our creative community on Tuesday January 15 at 6:00 PM.  We have an awful lot to celebrate!