Friday, October 14, 2011

Talk About Timing

Just saw this article in the Nonprofit Quarterly - makes us look so smart as that is why we started the Creative Impact Awards - IMAPCT - using the arts to strenthen the community.

October 10, 2011; Source: National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy | Current arts grantmaking overlooks large segment of cultural practice, and as a result, large segments of the American public according to a new report by the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy. Highlighting the fact that about 11 about percent of total foundation giving, $2.3 billion in 2009, goes to arts and cultural organizations, the report “Fusing Arts, Culture and Social Change: High Impact Strategies for Philanthropy” indicates that “distribution of these funds is demonstrably out of balance with our evolving cultural landscape and with the changing demographics of our communities.” Although the report asserts that innovative work is being done in the arts that gives voice to new artistic traditions, it concludes that only 10 percent of grant support with “a primary or secondary purpose of supporting the arts explicitly benefit underserved communities, including lower-income populations, communities of color and other disadvantaged groups.”
The report draws on 2010 Census data to emphasize the country’s rapid population diversification over the past ten years. As examples, the report points to growth in the country’s Latino, Asian, non-white and immigrant populations. In addition, the report notes that among American children, the multiracial population has increased by 50 percent, and is now the country’s fastest growing youth group. The report also emphasizes that the number of people living in impoverished neighborhoods is growing and already exceeds 25 percent in Detroit, Cleveland, Miami and Philadelphia. In rural areas poverty rates exceed 35 percent in parts of Appalachia, the Inland Empire of California, the rural West and Native American reservations.
As a hopeful sign in spite of recent funding decreases, NCRP points to the “enormous increase” in arts and cultural organizations over the past twenty years as a “testament to the universal desire for arts and culture in every community.” Still, the report recommends that funders work to create a more comprehensive story for arts philanthropy in the U.S, and rather than “building institutions, and preserving or creating artistic objects and products,” funders instead look at strengthening people and communities through artistic processes.For example, the Social Impact for the Arts Program at the University of Pennsylvania is now working on a mapping database that will allow funders and residents “to monitor growth in creative assets and determine their civic, economic and social impacts” within communities. Mark Stern, a professor at Penn said the goal is to show how art “mobilizes communities, (and) turns neighborhoods into places of interest to their residents and to visitors to the city.” That seems to be the kind of tool that funders might be able to use to respond to the NCRP challenge.—Anne Eigeman

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

PA Partners in the Arts

The Cultural Alliance is the newest Pa Partner in the Arts - administering grant money for the PA Council on the Arts. With $22,500 to re-grant for the state, the Alliance was responsible for reaching 4 counties - York, Adams, Franklin, and Fulton Counties.

We met in Gettysburg in August with 7 allocation panel members from the 4 counties. We read and discussed 22 grant applications and scored them all. It was so exciting to bring grant funds to all the counties but especially YORK.

Anyway, below is a list of the grantees and their projects. They receive their money on October 24 at the Majestic Theatre in Gettysburg. We have invited all the legislators to come and see where the money was spent.

The grants will again be due in mid-June 2012. Please visit the PA Council on the Arts web site to apply on line.

PA Partners in the Arts

Program Stream Grant Recipients Total Grants = $22,793

Hanover Lancers York
For a brass and percussion concert with 7 alumni bands

PA Arts Experience York
Promote art through the Artist Trail

Performing Arts for Children York
Aid students in the fundamentals of reading and writing, kindergarten through 2nd grade, with books and a theatre experience

Reach York
A theatre experience that focuses on real student problems

Springettsbury Township York
Free summer concerts in a festive outdoor amphitheater environment

York Art Association York
Classes for African American secondary students based on Black History Themes

York County Heritage Trust
For free Build it Days for students aged 10-18

Gettysburg Children’s Choir Adams
Gettysburg Children’s Choir Concerts

Gettysburg Community Concert Association Adams
Presentation of community concerts and student outreach

HACC Gettysburg Adams
A community celebration in recognition of Hispanic Heritage Month

Chambersburg Ballet Theatre Franklin
The Firebird will be produced with outreach based on it.

Chambersburg Middle School Franklin
Residency focusing on historical dance

Franklin County Library System Franklin
Kick-off concerts for 2012 summer reading program

Freedom Valley Chorus Franklin
Presenting a show of barbershop music

Nicodemus Center for Ceramic Studies Franklin
To support the Cumberland Valley Pottery Festival

Summertrios Franklin
Adult, amateur musicians will be able to play, study, and perform classical music

Wilson College Franklin
Residency program for visual and performing artists

Central Fulton High School Fulton
A musical theatre experience open to students 7-12 grade

Forbes Road Middle School Fulton
A Historical Dance 10 day residency project for the 9th grade World History curriculum

Hope Moore Fulton
Musical theatre experience for students 4-7 grade

Southern Fulton High School Fulton
10 day residency for 10th grade literacy through Historical Dance

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Creative Impact Awards


Pilot Program

According to a survey by IBM, creativity is the number #1 attribute companies look for in new hires. Well, how do we encourage creativity in individuals? And how do we create a community that is lively with energized neighborhoods and inspired children? Yorkers challenged the Cultural Alliance to help answer that question – their voices came through loud and clear in our Community Cultural Plan. They asked the Cultural Alliance to not only fund its partners, but also fund the Creative Community – particularly anyone who has an IMPACT, helping York’s Creative Community attract tourists, business, and families.

After many meetings, the Cultural Alliance answered the most pressing goal - to “open its tent” and encourage creativity from across the county. We developed the CREATIVE IMPACT AWARDS to do just that. You can find the guidelines and application for the CREATIVE IMPACT AWARDS here. Remember, this is a PILOT PROGRAM this year, with many bumps to smooth, but this PILOT PROGRAM has $70,000 to grant in 2011/12. The deadline for applications is Monday, November 14, 2011 4:00 PM. CREATIVE IMPACT AWARD winners will be notified in the spring.

The Cultural Alliance will hold a workshop for anyone interested in learning more about the Awards. Please come October 14 at 9:00AM to the Cultural Alliance for more information. RSVP please!

The Cultural Alliance wants to fund the IMPACT of the creative sector, helping inspire children, energize neighborhoods and create community.