Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Community Cultural Plan

Here are some updates on the efforts of the Community Cultural Plan. Stay tuned for some very exciting news at the end of the month.

Read some of what the Cultural Alliance is doing to make Creativity a part of all we do to Inspire children, Energize neighborhoods, and Create community.

• Sharing best practices – in March Pa Association of Non-Profit Organizations presented a full day workshop with education on how to be excellent in all aspects
• Public Art – with the support of the Women’s Giving Circle, the Cultural Alliance brought renowned public artist Ross Miller to York. We conducted a weekend workshop on Public Art, its incarnations and its inspirations. Neighborhoods and artists attended – more than 50 people helped discover and describe how and what Public Arts means in York.
• Asking for excellent operations from our current partners – For our partners, we redesigned our allocation application to concentrate on Financials and Audience Development and reward excellent practices
• Advocate for government passage of Arts Funding – Cultural Alliance has been present and involved in discussions which we hope leads to increased Bed Tax Funds for arts tourism products and programs in York
• Promote arts camps, classes, and program – The Cultural Alliance helped support the publication, Creative York, which is a listing of educational camps, programs, and teachers’ availability sent two times a year to schools, teachers, and the community
• Become more regional – Cultural Alliance and Startsomething (Arts in Education program) became regional partners with the PA Council on the Arts. We currently work in four counties – York, Adams, Franklin, and Fulton Counties.
• Create an arts/culture inventory – conducted a Local Arts Index with 12 indicators such as venues, number of seats, public Art, ethnic groups, arts education, festivals, etc. Will be published on our web site early November
• Create statewide public events – Governor’s Arts Awards, Flash Mob (500,000 hits). Being shown on German T.V.

We have been working hard and plan to work harder to make this plan continue to grow. If there is anything you want to do to keep moving it along, please call us - we’d love to have you.