Friday, March 23, 2007

the power of the Arts...

Yesterday was a good one at the Alliance - we are now 9% ahead of last year in cash - though we are still behind in the number of calls booked. And our total - cash and in-kind - is 3/4 of the way to $1 million dollars. Looking at some numbers, we are forcasting success. But we can't do it without you finishing your please, let us know what you need to finish up. We are here to help.

We had a great member meeting this morning - lots of sharing of information and mentoring going on. One of the suggestions was to create a blog - and MAW took the challenge so here we are! We hope you will visit our blog often to get updates on the campaign and the goings on of the Alliance.



Megbri said...

The arts are vital especially in York. Hope the blog creates good conversation

Joanne Riley said...

Thanks for the response. The arts are vital to the success of York and York City - a rich arts community attracts business and helps retain good employees.

We love raising money for our members but also love the impact they are having on the community.