Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mind Bending Public Art

The Cultural Plan gave us our marching orders - one of which was to create public art in York to celebrate our city and help make it memorable. Through a gift from the Women's Giving Circle, the Cultural Alliance and a public art committee has begun facilitating a public art process for York. Questions asked - Where does it seat itself? How are sites and then artists chosen? How is it funded?

We've met a few times and a huge question is 'what is public art'? In order to answer that, Genevieve Ray, a Loeb Fellow herself, invited 4 more Fellows to present their experiences to York. They are public art experts from around the country. They will come here and 1. Present their 'mind-bending' public art to everyone in York and 2. hold a lively conversation about what works/what doesn't/and what might be a good way to go in York.

They will have a working day to educate the committee and answer our questions. What a treat! To experience this level of expertise is just unbelievable. We are all eager to learn and to keep moving the goals of the Cultural Plan forward.

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