Thursday, May 5, 2011

Public Art for York

We are certainly busy here at the Alliance.

One of many exciting ventures is Public Art - through a grant from the Women's Giving Circle the Alliance is bringing in renowned public artist Ross Miller to assist us in finding a neighborhood in York to have public art on display.

We will hold workshops for all interested neighborhoods to talk about Public Art (what is it) and what projects might celebrate a neighborhood.

We are partnering with LOGOS ACADEMEY to present these workshops and must say, it is a pleasure having them as a partner. How wonderful to be working in the heart of York and by the Codorus. Thank you LOGOS!

If you have any questions, contact Gayle 812-9255 at our office.

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Gayle Cluck said...

If you'd like the Save The Date email for the workshop, let me know. We hope to have good representation from all the neighborhoods, from artists, and all interested people. The first day, Friday, June 24 will start at noon and we'll end about 5:00. This first day will probably include a "field trip" near the Codorus and/or the Rail Trail -- so bring an umbrella in case of rain. The second day, Saturday, June 25, will begin about 9 and we should wrap up about 2:00. We are trying to design the workshop to be very interactive with as little of the usual "talking head" format as possible. If you are there, it will be more fun!