Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Creative Impact Awards


Pilot Program

According to a survey by IBM, creativity is the number #1 attribute companies look for in new hires. Well, how do we encourage creativity in individuals? And how do we create a community that is lively with energized neighborhoods and inspired children? Yorkers challenged the Cultural Alliance to help answer that question – their voices came through loud and clear in our Community Cultural Plan. They asked the Cultural Alliance to not only fund its partners, but also fund the Creative Community – particularly anyone who has an IMPACT, helping York’s Creative Community attract tourists, business, and families.

After many meetings, the Cultural Alliance answered the most pressing goal - to “open its tent” and encourage creativity from across the county. We developed the CREATIVE IMPACT AWARDS to do just that. You can find the guidelines and application for the CREATIVE IMPACT AWARDS here. Remember, this is a PILOT PROGRAM this year, with many bumps to smooth, but this PILOT PROGRAM has $70,000 to grant in 2011/12. The deadline for applications is Monday, November 14, 2011 4:00 PM. CREATIVE IMPACT AWARD winners will be notified in the spring.

The Cultural Alliance will hold a workshop for anyone interested in learning more about the Awards. Please come October 14 at 9:00AM to the Cultural Alliance for more information. RSVP please!

The Cultural Alliance wants to fund the IMPACT of the creative sector, helping inspire children, energize neighborhoods and create community.

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