Friday, July 20, 2012

Creative Impact Awards

I am so excited about our Creative Impact FOCUS Awards  that give bigger pots of money to one or two selected projects.  You can read all about it on our web site.

Our board decided to pick two FOCUS areas and had Al Weber conduct a planning day to get everyone's feedback.  We arrived at Making Downtown York livelier and Arts Education for Children throughout the County.  We think directing our money towards these two areas can really have an Impact. 

We had a meeting this week for potential grantees with great turnout.  We are excited to see what collaborations (a requirement of the grant) come about because of the funding.  We are not asking people what their project should be, just that it Focus on these two areas.  There's some talk of the grant even being funded for three years.  I hope that really inspires creative planning.  Stay tuned to see what comes from our first FOCUS awards - and call us if you want to find out more.  Preliminary grants (white papers) are due on August 16.

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